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    Types Of Cyber Crime And Their Prevention

A Buyer’s Guide To The Right Studio Monitor


Studio monitors are special speakers that let you look at the quality of music you are producing. The idea is to help you critique or know whether or not you are producing quality music before it gets to other people. Unlike hi-fi speakers, studio monitors are specially meant to help you reveal flaws and help you improve your music. Here are some tips that could be of help when looking for a studio monitor.

Buying tips

Understand your specificationsAdsAASEdcAS

The only way you can know of the suitability of a device is by looking at its specifications. From there, you also need to ensure that they are in harmony or better that what you need. Most monitors should be able to attain the top-end of your hearing without any issue. The contrast comes in low-end frequencies where different manufacturers offer different values.

Active or passive?

Studio monitors can be classified either as active or passive. Ideally, the main difference between these two types of monitors is the mode of sound amplification, Active speakers have a built-in amplifier as opposed to passive models, which require a separate amplifier. Considering that active monitors are convenient and have the right internal combinations, they are also more expensive than passive models with similar features.

Understand the music you will be producing

Music producers may be classified based on the number of songs they produce. If you have few acoustic recordings, near-field studio monitors ranging from 4 – 6 inches should be enough. If you are playing heavy music in a large studio, you need a large and powerful monitor. At times, you might consider adding a subwoofer if you the low-frequency end of your music is not clear.

Look at controls

adssDAddwsdMost active monitors have special control knobs that help you ensure the sounds adopt to your room. These controls mainly focus on the tone and the equalization aspects of the device. Some studio monitors have studio adjustments knobs that compensate for room acoustics, to reduce ear fatigue when listening for extended periods. The bass control feature also reduces the booms that result when the monitor is too close to the wall.

A studio monitor is very different from a home speaker. Ideally, this implies that the features you will be looking for when shopping for a monitor should be different from those used when looking for a speaker. As such, http://10insights.com/best-studio-monitors/ provides you with in-depth reviews that could help you buy the best monitor for your studio.

Unlock An iPhone 7 From AT&T


Unlocking an iPhone from AT& Amp is not difficult. If you have a new iPhone 7 purchase from AT&T, you can see that it is locked. Hence, you cannot use other SIM card from other carriers. However, with the outright payment for the handset, you can quickly unlock an iPhone 7 from AT&T and start using a different carrier. This service is helpful even when you are planning on selling. Before selling, the phone should be unlocked to enable usage with other SIM card or to increase resale value.

Unlocking your phone

Unfortunately, for AT&T customers, all the 4G lkytbmdevices are locked so iPhone 7 users cannot use any SIM card they want. The procedure unlocks any iPhone 7 already locked to any other carriers like T-mobile or Verizon. Many carriers do not allow the use of other networks once the iPhone 7 is registered with a particular carrier. Unlocking enables you to use your SIM card from another service.

The guide only works if you have already paid the full price to AT& T for the iPhone 7 purchase.

The process

First, restore it using iTunes and ensure you have a backup of the device before proceeding with the unlocking service.
Turn your iPhone 7 on then connect it to the computer and launch the iTunes

Once the account set-up screen is loaded, enter the account zip code, and the last four figures of your social security number then click continue.

Read the terms of service for both Apple and AT& Amp and agree to them then click continue.

AT& T commences iPhone 7 update, and at the end of the process, you will receive a congratulations message. Click to continue.
A confirmation screen will be visible suggesting successful unlocking. This means the iPhone 7 has been unlocked and now you can use it with any GSM carrier. You are at liberty to use any compatible SIM card.

However, first turn off the phone and remove the existing SIM card from the phone. Insert your new SIM card and proceed with the on-screen instruction to set it up.

Ensure you have a backup of all the necessary data on the iPhone. You can use iTunes or iCloud services for backup. Only iTunes can help you unlock the iPhone. In case the procedure did not work, it only means you have not paid for the iPhone 7 in full. The best option is contacting AT&T or use a quick turnaround.

Before AT& Amp unlocks your iPhone 7, first the phone must meet these guidelines;

yhkltgfm• Not reported stolen or lost
• Not currently active on the AT&T customer accounts
• Designed for use on the network and locked by AT&T
• Not involved in any fraudulent activity
• Completed all service commitments and installment plans with all early termination fees fully paid.

How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

If your business involves having a functional website, or you simply own a website, then it is important that you put put mechanisms in place that will make sure that your website is safe from hackers. You need to prioritize the security of your website because malicious attacking and hacking of websites have become so rampant in this technological era that if you leave a small, weak point on your site, you will end regretting.

One thing that you need to remember is that to make your online business trusty worthy to most people; you need to ensure that it is secure from all types of attacks. Blue Coat profile can also provide you with more cybersecurity-related information that will help you protect your site. This article provides you with some essential tips that will enable you to learn on how to protect your website from hackers and other computer related attacks.

Be conscience about the passwords

The most common weak point of any information system is the entry point. This tells that you need to be careful with the strength of passwords that you need to have. From the recent experience, those websites that have been compromised and data stolen from them were compromised because of having weak passwords. To make your password strong, you need to ensure that it is long enough and with different characters. Also, you need to keep changing your passwords quite often to prevent some malicious people from mastering them.

Configure your firewall

Firewall is essential in protecting your site from unwanted characters. The firewall will help to block the unauthorized access to your system. To make sure that you are properly protected, you need to ensure that your that your firewall is properly set by qualified personnel and according to the needs of your security.


This is the simplest form of protection that you can practice on your own. All that you need to do is to install antivirus into your system and make sure that they are regularly updated. Good antiviruses have the ability to prevent malicious soft wares from accessing your business. Remember that malicious software can steal passwords from your computer and deliver those passwords to hackers who will compromise your site.

Have your website tested by ethical hackers

Another way that you can use to find out how to secure is your website is by making use of the ethical hackers. Let them test the strength of your website and afterward they will be able to advise you accordingly if they find that your site is vulnerable to hackers.

Characteristics and advantages of advanced school audit software



In recent times, schools have become much more than a simple place for children to study at. They have become a place where children can get groomed and prepared for the life ahead of them. With the help of modern technologies, that grooming process has been much improved in the last couple of years. One major feature that has contributed to this is the enhanced communication between the schools, parents and the children. Modern school software has made it much easier for children and their parents to get in touch with the school administrators, and for the school staff to keep track of all the vital data and information, school audit software is a highly practical, convenient, and cost-effective means of enhanced communication and school management.

School management

22niwuw9A proper school management system is not only rewarding, but also challenging, as well. Handling it properly requires a lot of time, effort, and skill. If handled expertly and with diligence, it can be a powerful source of financial security and stability. To improve the school’s functionality and its finances, it needs to utilize modern and innovative programs and tools for the sake of managing, administering and supervising the school’s services and financial performance in general.

School administration software

This particular management software is a collection of programs or applications, which includes a massive database system. This software is best used for the efficient management of all the school’s educational activities and functions, alongside the financial ones. When it comes to financial activities, this software can keep track of all the financial transactions, previous financial records, and manage the accounts of all those employed at the school. Aside from the financial aspects, an audit software can also be used to store and manage a vast amount of information regarding the students’ data, employees, additional teaching personnel, teaching policies and strategies, school property and more.

Fast and secure flow of information

With the help of this system, school administrators are now in a position to share that information stored in the database, with much greater efficiency and much quicker. With it, they can collect and monitor, and control and screen all the important documents and information for disclosure. The software also ensures maximum safety by allowing restricted access to users and authorized members only. This ensures that there is no unauthorized tampering with the data and its corruption. Administrators can search, find and obtain any record, as well as generate new ones with much greater ease.

Major functions and features that school administration software offers are the following

  • The monitoring, recording, and reporting of students’ grades, records, and attendance
  • The managing of students’ demographic profiles
  • The distribution of students’ progress reports
  • The handling of the school’s statistical charts, reports, documents and files
  • The updating of various planned events, activities and other schedules
  • It enables the parents and the teachers to chat and exchange messages online
  • It provides grade books online
  • It can post students’ homework and remind them about it at regular intervals
  • It can manage and send group and personal emails to parents and students
  • It can notify the students on various current events

33wdkliuiThese are considered the most basic of features and functions. Other software packages can also come with additional technical support for various activities. However, even the most basic school software can substantially enhance the level of education and communication, benefiting both the school staff and the students and their parents.

The Best Budget Gaming Laptop Features


It does not mean all gamers must buy expensive gaming laptops. Computers manufacturers understand that gaming enthusiasts have different financial abilities yet they must enjoy gaming. Therefore, it is easy to locate budget gaming laptops but only if you have the minimum features to enable you to play various games conveniently. This is where this article comes in. To enlighten gaming entrants of the features to check for when going for their first budget gaming laptops.

Features to consider when buying a budget gaming laptop

The Processor

The processor is the power to any computerized gadget. The more powerful the processor, the better power you have on your hands. On the other hands, most games like Roblox need more power for everything to work smoothly. Intel processors are doing so well in the gaming field and for a budget gaming laptop, you are better off with nothing below Intel i5. This will give a good amount of power to play most of the games without a hitch.



Random Access Memory is crucial to enjoying all features of a game in a smooth way. The Higher the RAM, the better the gaming experience. It determines the speed at which things roll as games store a lot of data temporarily during the play. Gaming experts say that 8GB RAM is the best for most games. Most laptops below USD 1000 will comfortably come with this kind of a RAM without much strain.

The Graphics

Gaming graphics contributes too much to the gaming experience in two ways. One is because most gamers are visual and the more vivid the games, the more it is near real experience and two graphics contributes to a smooth and seamless rolling of the game during play. NVIDIA is a graphics card manufacturer giant and their NVIDIA GeForce 940MX and above graphics seem to do well in the gaming industry.

The Hard Disk space

You probably will have a lot to store on your hard disk if you are a gamer and therefore a sufficient space is all you would be looking for. Ensure the budget laptop you buy has anything from 256GB and above of SSD hard disk.



The Screen

The screen enables a gamer to control the game while enjoying the experience. The bigger and more vivid the screen, the better the experience. Most budget gaming laptops come with a 15-inch FHD screen which is very convenient.

If you are looking into buying a budget gaming laptop, visit http://www.thatvideogameblog.com/2016/12/02/best-gaming-laptop-under-1000/ for more details.

A Beginner’s Guide To Roblox Game


Most people may be new to this terminology called Roblox. But don’t worry, this article will make you understand what Roblox is and how to works. Those who have across the terminology but still don’t know how to go about it will also benefit as it seeks review what a beginner needs to know. This online gaming site is not something one can afford not to find out about due to its interesting features. So here we go.

A guide to Roblox game

What is Roblox?

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdgRoblox is an online multiplayer game suitable for all ages including kids. People meet other players online and can challenge each other in a friendly way as they earn more and more robux. The Roblox corporations main revenue comes from the players buying robux which in turn enables the players to maneuver through the game. Roblox has become one of the most addictive games today with players using long hours on it.

How to access the game

Initially, the game was accessible through the PC and Mac. People would use the keyboard buttons to play while connected to the internet. Today, players can enjoy playing Roblox on their Android, iOS mobile devices, and tablets. Amazone devices and Xbox One have also not been left behind due to the increased demand for the game. With this variety, people can enjoy the game and interaction with friends from any corner of the world so long as there is internet connectivity.

Benefits of Roblox Game

hfghgfhfghfghgfhWell, this game can be attributed to many advantages that cut across all people. Kids find a fun place to interact with other kids across the globe, and this can help them to be creative as they learn others creativity. Teens and adults will also benefit by making new friends online. One can use the game to relax during their free time after hard days work or pass the time over the weekend. The game uses the robux rewarding system where people can check how best they can perform.

How to survive in the game

The Roblox community is demanding and addictive. If you are after becoming the hero to the community, then you need to dedicate many hours of the day. One option may be to buy the robux with cash to survive. The second option is to get a Roblox generator from a reliable website like lazyassgamer.com. This second option is free and safe and becoming popular. Embrace it today to enjoy for free

Advantages Of Photocopier

A photocopier is a machine that is used in making copies of various documents. They are designed for either large scale or small scale needs. Small size ones are meant for a home application while the large scale machines are used in businesses for large-scale, photocopying of documents.

Photocopier machines are very crucial and are regularly use by people in their working lives. Technological advancement has led to the evolvement of new photocopiers with improved performance. Colored photocopiers are very popular in most businesses since they require colored documents.

Here are some of the advantages offered by photocopiers.


Copier machine provides an easy and fast means of getting copies of documents. No technical expertise is required in operating them. They are therefore very efficient and convenient to use. You just need to feed the document to the machine, and then turn the machine on by the press of a button. The machine is automated such that it produces a specific number of copies.


The machines also give a provision of setting the size of the required copy.. this allows you to create documents that are either smaller or larger in size compared to the original document. When you have this machine in your office or at home, it will enable you to make the required copies at any time of your convenience. Imagine you were to make some copies of important document probably at night and find that all the shops are closed then you would be forced to wait until the next day to make the copies.

Cheap and quick

The main advantage of a photocopier machine is making copies of documents cheaply and quickly. You can, therefore, reproduce a document quickly for so many times.

Improves functionality

The machines have helped to improve the functionality and performance of many businesses. Also, they also contribute to improving the efficiency and functionality of the employees. This makes the office work to run smoothly and thus avoid any delays when it comes to the process of handling the office paperwork.

Digital photocopiers produce quality copies

These copiers combine both a laser printer and a scanner which helps to improve the quality of images produced. This eliminates the need of buying separate machines in performing different functions. This also helps in creating space as only one device is required. No extra space will be required for storing the multiple devices.

There are different manufacturers of photocopier machines. You should purchase the one manufactured by a trustworthy and a reputable company.

Types Of Cyber Crime And Their Prevention

Cyber Crime, or in other terms the crime committed using computers over the internet. The illicit use of the computer to promote fraudulent activities like child pornography, stealing personally identifiable information or violating policies of any association, all such actions can be categorized under Cyber Crime.

Maximum of the law-breaking cyber-criminal crooks targets information that is owned by any individuals, corporations or governments. These attacks never exist in any physical form; it always takes place in the virtual form.

Different types of Cyber Crimes


It is a kind of the offense in which criminal’s access personal or sensitive information stored in systems database belonging to any individual or organization from a remote location. The actual owner may not be aware that another person is accessing his confidential information. The criminals mostly use special software for such activity.

Copyright Violation

It takes place when someone publishes articles or content which is owned by some other people. Some others forms of illegal activity which come under copyright infringement are downloading pirated music, movies, games, and software.

Cyber Stalking

It is a kind of online harassment wherein the prey or target is tortured by a series of online messages, emails.


It is one of the primary forms of cyber-crime, and the people who are mostly affected is individuals who are using the internet as a medium for cash transactions and other banking related services. The criminal attempts to acquire sensitive information like username, password, and credit card details to withdraw money or to purchase stuff online illicitly.

Malicious Software

It is also known as Malware which is a computer code and once it runs successfully; it can give partial or full control to your computer and the criminals can easily access any sensitive information or can damage your data.

Preventative measures of cyber-crime

It is a phenomenal task to tackle with cyber-crime. However, I would like to highlight few tips to my friends which they should always follow.

Secure Password

Always use altered ID/password for various accounts that you own and never make the mistake of writing it down physically over a piece of paper. You should always change your password regularly and make sure your device is fully protected and secured.

Use Social media sites cautiously

Be sensible while posting anything on social media sites. Once, the content is live on the internet; it stays there forever!

Protect your personally identifiable information

Be careful while revealing any personal information such as name, address, phone number or financial information over the internet. Always prefer secure website for online transactions.

Avoid being scammed

Think multiple times before you click any link which asks you for any personal information. Please verify the source, and never reply to such fraudulent emails.