An android media box is a smart TV that is designed and developed by the Google company. It launched in June 2014. It allows an interactive experience through the user interface. This box gives the user access to the Google’s play stay thus enabling them to download various Android applications such as the media streamlining services and games. Here are the basic tips for using the android media box.

Less is more

This implies that you should remove those applications which you are not using. This helps in creating available space on the Android media box.

Shut down

You should always ensure that you shut down the Kodi XBMX correctly. Turning off the box without turning off the Kodi down makes it begin playing up.

Clean start

Shut down the media box weekly and make sure it is unplugged from the main power for about ten seconds. Repeat the same with the Internet Broadband router. This helps in clearing the cache thus forcing the router and the box to make new connections. This facilitates the clearing of the old applications which slows down the device.

Using reboot manager

This is a great application which allows one to reboot his or her box into the recovery mode. If you install an updated SD card, it will help in updating the firmware.

Making use of the OTA updates

Some of the brands have such OTA update applications. With an OTA update, your box can be updated automatically. This is essential for straightforward and quick installations.

Keeping it secure

When you use a VPN with you, media box is an excellent method of keeping your browsing and streaming traffic anonymous and secure. There are some versions of the VPN applications which allows you to encrypt your traffic quickly when using the media box.

These models or versions are readily available at a reasonable price. The VPN applications also enable you to watch the video services which might be locked to particular countries.

Clear cache

This technique can be used in all the applications especially Kodi. Clearing of the cache is the best way if you are interested in keeping your to run smoothly. This will prevent your media box from being blogged down by slow connection speeds.

Easy input

Make a little effort and purchase an air remote. An air remote allows one to control the screen more easily. The remote also comes with a full keyboard which allows you to enter website addresses. It also allows you to search for applications and films very easily.