A Buyer’s Guide To The Right Studio Monitor


Studio monitors are special speakers that let you look at the quality of music you are producing. The idea is to help you critique or know whether or not you are producing quality music before it gets to other people. Unlike hi-fi speakers, studio monitors are specially meant to help you reveal flaws and help you improve your music. Here are some tips that could be of help when looking for a studio monitor.

Buying tips

Understand your specificationsAdsAASEdcAS

The only way you can know of the suitability of a device is by looking at its specifications. From there, you also need to ensure that they are in harmony or better that what you need. Most monitors should be able to attain the top-end of your hearing without any issue. The contrast comes in low-end frequencies where different manufacturers offer different values.

Active or passive?

Studio monitors can be classified either as active or passive. Ideally, the main difference between these two types of monitors is the mode of sound amplification, Active speakers have a built-in amplifier as opposed to passive models, which require a separate amplifier. Considering that active monitors are convenient and have the right internal combinations, they are also more expensive than passive models with similar features.

Understand the music you will be producing

Music producers may be classified based on the number of songs they produce. If you have few acoustic recordings, near-field studio monitors ranging from 4 – 6 inches should be enough. If you are playing heavy music in a large studio, you need a large and powerful monitor. At times, you might consider adding a subwoofer if you the low-frequency end of your music is not clear.

Look at controls

adssDAddwsdMost active monitors have special control knobs that help you ensure the sounds adopt to your room. These controls mainly focus on the tone and the equalization aspects of the device. Some studio monitors have studio adjustments knobs that compensate for room acoustics, to reduce ear fatigue when listening for extended periods. The bass control feature also reduces the booms that result when the monitor is too close to the wall.

A studio monitor is very different from a home speaker. Ideally, this implies that the features you will be looking for when shopping for a monitor should be different from those used when looking for a speaker.

Advantages Of Photocopier

A photocopier is a machine that is used in making copies of various documents. They are designed for either large scale or small scale needs. Small size ones are meant for a home application while the large scale machines are used in businesses for large-scale, photocopying of documents.

Photocopier machines are very crucial and are regularly use by people in their working lives. Technological advancement has led to the evolvement of new photocopiers with improved performance. Colored photocopiers are very popular in most businesses since they require colored documents.

Here are some of the advantages offered by photocopiers.


Copier machine provides an easy and fast means of getting copies of documents. No technical expertise is required in operating them. They are therefore very efficient and convenient to use. You just need to feed the document to the machine, and then turn the machine on by the press of a button. The machine is automated such that it produces a specific number of copies.


The machines also give a provision of setting the size of the required copy.. this allows you to create documents that are either smaller or larger in size compared to the original document. When you have this machine in your office or at home, it will enable you to make the required copies at any time of your convenience. Imagine you were to make some copies of important document probably at night and find that all the shops are closed then you would be forced to wait until the next day to make the copies.

Cheap and quick

The main advantage of a photocopier machine is making copies of documents cheaply and quickly. You can, therefore, reproduce a document quickly for so many times.

Improves functionality

The machines have helped to improve the functionality and performance of many businesses. Also, they also contribute to improving the efficiency and functionality of the employees. This makes the office work to run smoothly and thus avoid any delays when it comes to the process of handling the office paperwork.

Digital photocopiers produce quality copies

These copiers combine both a laser printer and a scanner which helps to improve the quality of images produced. This eliminates the need of buying separate machines in performing different functions. This also helps in creating space as only one device is required. No extra space will be required for storing the multiple devices.

There are different manufacturers of photocopier machines. You should purchase the one manufactured by a trustworthy and a reputable company.