Types Of Cyber Crime And Their Prevention

Cyber Crime, or in other terms the crime committed using computers over the internet. The illicit use of the computer to promote fraudulent activities like child pornography, stealing personally identifiable information or violating policies of any association, all such actions can be categorized under Cyber Crime.

Maximum of the law-breaking cyber-criminal crooks targets information that is owned by any individuals, corporations or governments. These attacks never exist in any physical form; it always takes place in the virtual form.

Different types of Cyber Crimes


It is a kind of the offense in which criminal’s access personal or sensitive information stored in systems database belonging to any individual or organization from a remote location. The actual owner may not be aware that another person is accessing his confidential information. The criminals mostly use special software for such activity.

Copyright Violation

It takes place when someone publishes articles or content which is owned by some other people. Some others forms of illegal activity which come under copyright infringement are downloading pirated music, movies, games, and software.

Cyber Stalking

It is a kind of online harassment wherein the prey or target is tortured by a series of online messages, emails.


It is one of the primary forms of cyber-crime, and the people who are mostly affected is individuals who are using the internet as a medium for cash transactions and other banking related services. The criminal attempts to acquire sensitive information like username, password, and credit card details to withdraw money or to purchase stuff online illicitly.

Malicious Software

It is also known as Malware which is a computer code and once it runs successfully; it can give partial or full control to your computer and the criminals can easily access any sensitive information or can damage your data.

Preventative measures of cyber-crime

It is a phenomenal task to tackle with cyber-crime. However, I would like to highlight few tips to my friends which they should always follow.

Secure Password

Always use altered ID/password for various accounts that you own and never make the mistake of writing it down physically over a piece of paper. You should always change your password regularly and make sure your device is fully protected and secured.

Use Social media sites cautiously

Be sensible while posting anything on social media sites. Once, the content is live on the internet; it stays there forever!

Protect your personally identifiable information

Be careful while revealing any personal information such as name, address, phone number or financial information over the internet. Always prefer secure website for online transactions.

Avoid being scammed

Think multiple times before you click any link which asks you for any personal information. Please verify the source, and never reply to such fraudulent emails.